Workshop Recordings


Day/Date Time Workshop Description
Mon, 5/4 3:00-4:15pm Keynote – Angus King
  7:15-8:15pm Second Life – Rez your Teaching – Tim Hart
Tue, 5/5 2:30-3:30pm iTeam Project-based Service to the Ambassador Actors – Stephen Spaeth, Ian Hathaway, and Sue Snow
    Enablemath 360 – a terrific web-based program that is to numeracy what Read 180 is to literacy – Maryjane Stafford
    Vital Signs – Developing Student Understanding and Application of Inquiry using GIS technology to Monitor Invasive Species – Anita Bernhardt and Sarah Kirn
    When Essays Move – Bringing Content-Area Writing to Life through Multimedia – Dave Boardman
  3:45-4:45pm Mathematics in Design – An Investigation using GeoGebra – Judy Chandler
    Low cost interactive whiteboard and EcoBeaker Maine Explorer (EBME) – Ann Marie Hutton and Ginny Brackett
    Literacy and Technology across the Curriculum with a Graphic Novel – Laura Richter and Katie Yando
    Visualizing Numbers – Olga Laplante and Ed Latham
  7:15-8:15pm Rethinking Presentations – Prezi and Dynamic Narrative – Dr. Ruben Puentedura
Wed, 5/6 2:30-3:30pm Maine is My World GIS! – Joel Alex and Stephen Engle
    Blogging it Up! – Argy Nestor and Carol Waldron
    PowerPoint Based Portfolios – Sharing a format that can be used in any content area for students and instructors to build portfolios – Jake Langlais
    Applications of Calculus – A Resource Wiki
  3:45-4:45pm BackChannel Chats as Classroom Tools – Sarah Sutter and Deb Taylor
    Rural Voices Radio – Ken Martin and Ron Smith
    Art Meets GIS! – Bryan Thompson
  7:15-8:15pm Let Your Laptop Do The Talking – Cynthia Curry
Thu, 5/7 2:30-3:30pm Creating a Tessellation Screen Saver – Suzanne Watson
    A Wider World: Google Earth for Research, Writing and Sharing – Jim Wells
    American History – Family Narrative – Sarah Sutter and Mary Ellen Bell
    Exploring Cultural Differences – Thomas Landberg
  3:45-4:45pm GeoGebra – Redefining Math Instruction and Learning – David Bowie
    Why Wait For the Science Test? – Phil Brookhouse
    Using podcasts in the classroom to engage students and improve student comprehension – Brendan Murphy
    Google Earth, Ancient Rome, and the 21st Century – Ben Johnson
  7:15-8:15pm Promoting Literacy with Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels – Barbara Greenstone

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