Workshop 05

Tuesday, May 5:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: When Essays Move – Bringing Content-Area Writing to Life through Multimedia

Filmmaking techniques offer students a way to break from the traditional pattern of school writing and help them build authentic links among content areas, school, and the outside world. There is a difference in student writing that stays on the page, and writing that comes to life through image, sound, word, and motion. This workshop looks at the possibilities offered by blending basic filmmaking techniques with writing to produce content area connections that require students to think beyond the word, reach audiences through multiple avenues, and engage themselves and their viewers in challenging thought. Participants will examine an evolving teaching practice that gives students the opportunity to blend multimedia with content knowledge and make words take on expanded meanings.

Workshop Presenter: Dave Boardman

Dave Boardman has worked with students and teachers both at the secondary and middle school level in literacy, technology, and filmmaking. Students in his school-based and summer programs work to transform their writing into moving videos that help them connect content areas and link the world of school with the world outside.

Recording of workshop:


3 Responses to Workshop 05

  1. Nancy Mann says:

    Mr. Boardman,
    I teach French to Middle Schoolers and English to Adult Ed students. This workshop looks applicable to both sets of classes. I would like to be included in this workshop and any follow-up workshops.
    Nancy Mann

  2. Eileen Broderick says:


    How do I get to the blog that Dave mentioned during the “When Essays Move” session ?


  3. Johanne Garfield says:

    Thanks for making this available after. I am interested to see what your rubric looks like, as I am trying to open the door to multimedia presentations, but am not set yet on a rubric. The challenge will be to have technology access for all, and some experience of my own prior to having all of my F.L. students asked to work with these tools. In terms of literacy, though, I’m convince that it’s a great adjunct that can help jump hurddles for some reluctant kids.

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