Workshop 01

Monday, May 4:  7:15-8:15pm

Workshop Description: Second Life – Rez your Teaching

Tim will share some options for teaching and learning in the 3D virtual world Second Life. Participants will see the work teachers have done on the UMaine owned Black Bear Island, and conversations within this session will be focused on ways to incorporate 3D virtual worlds into teaching and learning. Tim will also share with participants the status of latest efforts to bring safe 3D virtual worlds into Maine schools.

Workshop Presenter: Tim Hart

Tim Hart is an Instructional Technologist at the College of Education and Human Development at UMaine. He holds a bachelors in Education as well as a Masters in Instructional Technology. As a self proclaimed techno geek he is interested in anything computer related. He is also very interested in using technology to improve education. He lives in Orrington with his wife Morgan, son Logan, daughter Paige, and their two dogs Maya and Ada. Tim blogs at

To view a recording of this workshop:


One Response to Workshop 01

  1. Barbara Greenstone says:

    Nice job, Tim. I haven’t been in Second Life for a long time but now I’m thinking I should get back in. Maybe when I get my first life under control…

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