Workshop 12

Wednesday, May 6:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: Blogging it Up!

Wondering what blogs are and how you can use them in your classroom? Join us and learn what a GREAT tool they are and how they enable students and teachers to share their creative work and thoughts. Blogging it Up! promotes the integration and sharing of pictures and words. Blog examples will include content areas from elementary, middle and high school. We will explain the basic differences between a webpage, a blog and a wiki, the various blog engines and why we chose WordPress. We believe blogs are valuable and a great tool for communication. Participants will be given the opportunity to brainstorm, share ideas, and ask questions. Our goal is for participants to leave cyber world with an understanding of blogs and a desire to launch their own. Follow this link to a Wiki with more resources.

Workshop Presenters: Argy Nestor and Carol Wadron

Carol Waldron, Technology Coordinator/Teacher at Appleton Village and Hope Elementary Schools and Argy Nestor, Visual Performing Arts Specialist, MDOE.  Before MLTI was established in 2001, Carol and Argy collaborated with technology and art at D.R. Gaul Middle School in Union. They believe that the key in a successful learning environment is to highlight and share the various abilities and contributions of students and teachers through art and technology. They’ve been using video chat and wikis to collaborate and plan sessions for a while so this new conference format is an exciting opportunity. They periodically comment on how the world is shifting as they continue to build upon their combined 47 years of teaching.  

Recording of workshop:


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