Workshop 13

Wednesday, May 6:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: PowerPoint Based Portfolios – Sharing a format that can be used in any content area for students and instructors to build portfolios

Integrating technology into our courses improves instruction. How can students prove what they know? Using presentation software, students and instructors can build portfolios using artifacts, rationales, and hyperlinks to demonstrate what they know. This one hour session demonstrates a format that makes the portfolio process sensible, usable, and informative. Students and instructors can used the final product in a professional setting (job application/interview process, meet possible graduation standards, etc..) and gain transferable skills. The intention of this session is to demonstrate the format of an electronic portfolio using PowerPoint. It is not the intention to teach basic presentation skills. An electronic porfolio is a great student product and assessment tool.

Workshop Presenter: Jake Langlais

Jake is currently working as a business and technology instructor at LRTC. His experiences include working with the exploration team at Auburn Middle School, the PT3 (preparing tomorrow’s teachers with technology) program at UMF (2003), facilitating Adult Education courses for electronic portfolios and staff development with iPhoto and iMovie, and teaching with portfolio/technology assessment based curriculum amongst others.

Recording of workshop:


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