Workshop 14

Wednesday, May 6:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: Applications of Calculus – A Resource Wiki

Students worked collaboratively on a wiki to create a resource for others interested in a non-technical explanation of how calculus is used on a daily basis. This session will describe the year long building blocks that naturally led into the creation of this project: a non-technical resource that explained the usefulness of calculus in the real world. Although the aim of this particular project was mathematical, it can be applied in any content area. A description of the project showing previous students’ work will be included, along with a discussion of how to make this work in the classroom at both a pedagogical and a technological level.

Workshop Presenter: Renée Ashton

Renée Ashton currently teaches AP Calculus at Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield. She is the MLTI teacher leader for her school.

Recording of workshop:



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