Workshop 15

Wednesday, May 6:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: BackChannel Chats as Classroom Tools

Use CoverItLive as a moderated backchannel chat to add a dynamic dimension to a variety of classroom activities. Teachers of Art, Foreign Language, Science and Social Studies have used it effectively in a range of ways. When students each have a laptop, a backchannel chat can be a useful tool for the classroom.  We know students are capable of multitasking; this tool can be used to ask questions during a video presentation and receive immediate response from the teacher or their peers. Used as a collaborative tool for storytelling, students can build on each others contributions in a quick, highly responsive manner, and then go back through the archived text to revise and craft a well-constructed storyline.  Students can work together to take a common set of notes during a class lecture, or make comments for peers who are making presentations.  Moderated by the teacher or a chosen student, the chat is archived and each entry is logged according to the student username.  No signup is necessary for the students, only for the teacher hosting the CoverIt Live (FREE!), and the access can be through the url or by embedding the chat in a wiki or other website.

Workshop Presenters: Sarah Sutter and Deb Taylor

A high school art teacher and technology integrator, Sarah Sutter has been teaching at Wiscasset High School for 14 years.  She also teaches digital imaging at the University of Maine in Augusta. Sarah spends much of her day helping other teachers integrate open source arts and social media technology across all curricular areas.   Sarah is also a Google Certified Teacher, and presents regularly at edtech conferences. A high school foreign language teacher, Deb Taylor has been teaching at Wiscasset High School for 8 years.  She primarily teaches French but also teaches some beginning level Spanish courses.  She actively works to integrate technology into her classroom in meaningful ways that promote learning, create cross-disciplinary connections, and facilitate collaboration with students and teachers beyond Wiscasset’s borders.

Recording of workshop:


4 Responses to Workshop 15

  1. edueyeview says:

    Additional resources, links, and the slideshare for this session can be found at:

  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed participating in the session!
    However, the chat part of my screen was very small. It was difficult to read the web addresses (the wiki and the blog)

    I thought these would be available on the webpage after the session; however, I can’t find them. Also, I haven’t found the place where the recorded sessions can be accessed.

    Can you help?

    Rebecca Lawson
    Dutchman Creek MS
    Rock Hill, SC

    PS For years I have heard the great work going on in Maine from Kathy McAvoy, Chris Toy, Ed Brazee, Jill Spencer, and others. FINALLY, I was able to participate. WOW! I wish South Carolina would start thinking like Maine when it comes to technology!

  3. davidpatterson4 says:

    Rebecca… glad you enjoyed the workshop. Sarah and Deb did a great job, didn’t they? The recording should be on the page up above now… just takes a little time to process.


  4. edueyeview says:

    Sure! The wiki is above (and here)

    The recording link is also above (just under the bio info for the presenters).

    The tool is

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!
    My contact info is in the slideshare on the wiki.
    Sarah Sutter

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