Workshop 18

Wednesday, May 6:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Sights and Sounds for Classroom Learning

Come explore how teachers can utilize technology tools and digital resources to heighten student engagement in the classroom.  Participants will experience models of instruction that stimulate the multimedia minds and interests of today’s students. This session will focus on ways educators can apply tools that are found on MLTI laptops to heighten student engagement and extend learning interactions. Participants will be asked to contrast and consider how storyboards might be used in place of other common project planning processes in the classroom.  The presentation will also help educators consider how multimedia tools provide alternative assessments of student learning and understanding.

Workshop Presenter: Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold currently works as an Educational Technology Specialist for the Deer Isle – Stonington Community Schools.  In recent years he has helped shape a variety of innovative educational initiatives aimed at using technology to enhance instructional practices and the capacity of professional educators.  His work as an educational technology specialist has been built on the foundations of a decade teaching social studies, working with educational leaders and classroom teachers in all subject areas as a technology integration specialist, and a deep belief in the potential of technology to transform the quality of teaching and learning.

Workshop cancelled


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