Workshop 22

Thursday, May 7:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: American History – Family Narrative

Using a collaborative timeline, Google Maps, and wikis, grade 11 students explore American history through the lens of their own family history.  Engaged in actual historical research, family events are placed within the context of the broader American timeline, specifically 1900 – present, using multimedia and hands-on arts projects to bring the past to life.

Multimedia tools allow students to make connections between the history of America and their own family histories. Students engage in authentic historical research, use primary documents and collect audio or video oral histories which then form the foundation for a multimedia wiki and a hyperlinked collaborative timeline of major events in US History.  By making personal connections to the events from 1900 to contemporary issues, students make the history their own. See how Google Maps, XTimeline, mindmapping tools, audio recorders, digital cameras, wikis and other 21st century tools facilitate this approach to American History.

Workshop Presenters: Sarah Sutter and Mary Ellen Bell

A high school art teacher and technology integrator, Sarah Sutter has been teaching at Wiscasset High School for 14 years.  She also teaches digital imaging at the University of Maine in Augusta. Sarah spends much of her day helping other teachers integrate open source arts and social media technology across all curricular areas.  Sarah is also a Google Certified Teacher, and presents regularly at edtech conferences.  Mary Ellen Bell has taught social studies at Wiscasset High School for twenty years. During her tenure, she has done a great deal of interdisciplinary work and projects with teachers in the English and Art departments.  Most recently her work with the Maine Humanities Council’s three-year program called “Teaching American History through Biography” has propelled her into new ways of using technology to weave student’s family stories into the content of her American History classes.

Recording of workshop:


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