Workshop 23

Thursday, May 7:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: Exploring Cultural Differences

Middle school students invite international students from our semi-private high school to engage in a discussion about their former country and experience attending high school in the United States. This session features a student podcasts of our classroom conversations and is available for comment online through our school website. This is a culmination of our focus on culture and differences in the seventh grade. Through this experience I am working towards having our kids use and apply the skills they learn in our classrooms to not only speak with people in our own community, but to have an opportunity to communicate with the international students families and people throughout the world. My students worked with GarageBand and iWeb to develop and publish podcasts. I worked with my seventh grade team to develop an integrative unit on change that includes stereotypes, prejudice, and, discrimination.  Having kids see the relevance and using the information and skills in a real way are goals for our units.

Workshop Presenter: Thomas Landberg

Thomas has been teaching students at SeDoMoCha Middle School in Dover-Foxcroft for the past seven years.  For two years, he was the Writing Specialist for grades 5-8 and currently teaches seventh grade social studies.  In addition, he was the athletic director and has coached girls and boys basketball, softball, and football.  He is the team leader for the seventh grade and has been the teacher leader for MLTI for the past six years. Education:  B.S., Secondary Education at University of Maine, Orono  M.Ed., Educational Leadership at University of Maine, Orono (2009).

Recording of workshop:


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