Workshop 25

Thursday, May 7:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Why Wait For the Science Test?

Ongoing and formative assessments can make a big difference in ensuring students’ understanding of science concepts. Here are complementary techniques that could uncover what students know and what they don’t know and lead to better learning. In grade 7 – 12 science classes, students are often laboring under misconceptions and misunderstandings. Oftentimes, teachers don’t really know what those problems are until the unit test and then it may be too late. Predict-Observe-Explain, Assess2Learn, ConceptTest, and Diagnoser are assessment techniques that address different aspects of teaching and learning in the science classroom. Time will be given to explore the respective websites. Each of these tools will be introduced and discussed so participants will be able to start using what suits them best in their own classrooms.

Workshop Presenter: Phil Brookhouse

Phil was a 30 year middle school science teacher and is now an MLTI Statewide Integration Mentor. He has been on the Maine Math and Science Alliance Board of Advisors. He also worked with USM L/A and the Bates College Math and Science Academy.

Recording of workshop:


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