Workshop 26

Thursday, May 7:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Using Podcasts in the Classroom to Engage Students and Improve Student Comprehension

For the last two years Brendan has taught an AP Calculus BC online class to students around the state as part of the AP4ALL grant. In this session he will discuss how he produces and uses podcasts in his AP Calculus BC online class, and review how to “share” these podcasts as part of a cooperative learning environment. To help engage his students and to make this class more interactive, he typically produces 3-5 video podcasts per week that are uploaded to the AP4ALL Moodle site, and also to the Maine iTunes U site. These podcasts are very easy to make/record, and he has now started to produce them for his “regular” classes at John Bapst HS. In this workshop we will discuss the benefits to students, and how teachers can use similar podcasts to make their classes more productive and engaging.

Workshop Presenter: Brendan Murphy

Brendan has taught mathematics for the last 17 years at the middle school, high school, and college levels and currently teaches full time at John Bapst HS in Bangor. He has taught in the distance learning environment for four years, two  years using ATM videoconferencing, and two years in the AP4ALL program which uses Moodle as the primary online learning environment. He is a part-time consultant with the College Board and has run day long and week-long workshops in over 15 states and 6 countries. He currently runs a mentoring program for new AP Statistics teachers across the state of Maine and last year was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for Maine Mathematics.

Recording of workshop:


One Response to Workshop 26

  1. Mary McNulty says:


    Great session. I have some homework to do on accessing and downloading podcasts before I access some of your lessons, but this looks like technology I COULD use for the benefit of my adult education students at some point in the future.


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