Workshop 27

Thursday, May 7:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Google Earth, Ancient Rome, and the 21st Century

This presentation will look at how Google Earth can be used as a great tool for students to research and relay information.  While the focus will be on the Ancient Rome 3D layer, we will also see what else Google Earth has to offer, as well as many 21st century teaching techniques. Google Earth is a great tool, not just for finding pictures of your house and school, but also for displaying and researching information in a visual environment. Combined with many 21st century teaching strategies involving collaboration and research, we will look specifically at a lesson designed to explore the ancient city of Rome itself, and to use Google Earth to present the final product. The ideas in this specific lesson are easily transferable to any content area, especially where visualizing geographical relationships can expand students’ learning experience. This lesson was selected in March, 2009, by Google as a winner for the Ancient Rome in 3D Competition.

Workshop Presenter: Benjamin Johnson

Ben Johnson is a Latin teacher at Hampden Academy.  He received his undergraduate degree at Cornell University in Classics and Biology before coming to Maine.  Always interested in technology and using it to expand the reach of education, he is proficient not just in the Latin language, but also HTML and MySQL, along with numerous programs, including Google Earth.

Recording of workshop:


3 Responses to Workshop 27

  1. Laurie Crummett Tranten says:

    Next fall I teach ancient Rome and this will be a great webinar for me!

  2. Ben Johnson says:

    That’s great! Google Earth is just another way for kids to be able to visualize the sites of Rome and more.

  3. Mary McNulty says:


    I watched and listened to your recorded session. It was excellent. I learned an enormous amount from you about how to use technology to reach our more visually literate, but less conventionally literate student population.

    Thank you,

    Mary McNulty

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