Workshop 28

Thursday, May 7:  7:15 PM – 8:15 PM

Workshop Description: Promoting Literacy with Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels

Many students prefer to give and receive information through images and others prefer text, but to be truly literate in the 21st century, students must be fluent in both. Learn how to promote literacy and help students build bridges between images and text using cartoons, comics and graphic novels. Practice annotating cartoons and using Comic Life to create your own comics. Participants will receive a NoteShare notebook with activities and resources for further learning.

Workshop Presenter: Barbara Greenstone

Barbara was a Technology/ Literacy Integrator at Mt. Ararat Middle School before coming to MLTI in 2003 as a Statewide Integration Mentor. She has taught 5th grade, 6th grade, Reading K-8, Language Arts 6-8, and Gifted and Talented. She began teaching with technology in the late 1980’s when her students taught her how to use an Apple IIe.

Recording of workshop:


3 Responses to Workshop 28

  1. Jean Mauck says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I am very interested in this workshop.

  2. […] session Promoting Literacy with Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels will be the last one on Thursday night. This will be my first webinar and I’m looking forward […]

  3. Barbara Greenstone says:

    If you are planning to attend this workshop, you may want to have some materials ahead of time. I have a NoteShare notebook that contains all the resources I will be talking about, plus a lot more. If you are a NoteShare user, you can download the notebook from the ACTEM NoteShare server. It’s in the Barbara Greenstone collection and the notebook is named teach_comics. If you don’t know how to access that server, watch this little movie:

    If you are not a NoteShare user or if you just want to view the notebook, you can access it through any browser at this URL:

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