Workshop 03

Tuesday, May 5:  2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Workshop Description: Enablemath 360 – a terrific web-based program that is to numeracy what Read 180 is to literacy

EnableMath 360 is a program that delivers computerized math instruction and practice. It is correlated to the NCTM standards beginning with Grades 3 – 5 continues through algebra-II. Students can study a concept, see examples, and practice the skills.  The student receives immediate feedback and the teacher can monitor the students’ progress.  When a module is completed, the teacher is able to create a test from the test bank.  This program allows for differentiated instruction in a heterogenous classroom.  Students love it and are actually talking math!  The program allows them to work at their level and be successful. In addition, pilot teachers participate in weekly webinars with Dr. George Blakeslee from Lesley College.   TEACHING FOR MASTERY focuses on best practices in math instruction, learning theory, and math standards. The FOUNDATIONS series helps teachers learning the EnableMath progam.  The Math Labs being used give a purpose and a real-world connection to the math skills that are practiced in the program.  As part of this presentation, a typical math lab will be included.  

Workshop Presenter: Maryjane Stafford

Maryjane is  a veteran  teacher and has taught many grade levels and subjects in her 28 years in the classroom.   For the past nine years, she has been teaching math at Winslow Jr High to 7th and 8th graders.  She is a member of both ATOMIM and NCTM.  Most recently she participated in AML (Academy for Math Leadership) and the RBAMM (Reducing Barriers by Addressing Misconceptions in Mathematics) project, which focuses on using Geogebra in the classroom.  She loves making use of the technology for teaching.  

Recording of workshop:


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