Workshop 06

Tuesday, May 5:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Mathematics in Design – An Investigation using GeoGebra

Discovering mathematics in a realistic setting reveals relationships to other disciplines and can lead to powerful learning. Explore a technology tool with visualization and dynamic capabilities that support investigation and challenge thinking. This session introduces features and the basic functionality of GeoGebra, dynamic mathematics software that supports teaching and learning. A GeoGebra-in-action segment explores the relationship between seat ht. (m.) and time (sec.) during a ride on a ferris wheel. A given data set is graphed; visual patterns, observed; and a function that models the data set is discovered. The roles played by parameters of the function become evident.

Workshop Presenter: Judy Chandler

Judy has 22 years experience teaching middle & high school level mathematics. She holds a BA in mathematics from Colby College and a M.Ed in curriculum & instruction specializing in educational technology. An educational technology consultant, Judy currently serves as a MLTI Mathematics Mentor and an adjunct instructor at Husson University.


Geogebra web links

Geogebra intro ms-hs

Supporting the use of Geogebra

Creating sliders

Creating interactive text

Recording of workshop:


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