Workshop 07

Tuesday, May 5:  3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Workshop Description: Low cost interactive whiteboard and EcoBeaker Maine Explorer (EBME)

Build a low cost interactive whiteboard and then use it with EcoBeaker Maine Explorer. A homemade IR pen, a wiimote and EBME combine to make the perfect learning package. Join us to watch the inception of a low cost interactive whiteboard, then use it to teach and learn with EcoBeaker. EcoBeaker: Maine Explorer (EBME) uses simulated experiments to engage middle school students in the exploration of ecological concepts within the framework of Systems & Models. All five EBME labs are tied to Maine ecosystems and involve data collection and analysis. In addition, a fun module called “Program a Bunny” lets students tinker with creating their own computer programs. Importantly, EBME is just one part of the EcoScienceWorks Curriculum, which includes field exercises to accompany the computer labs, assessments, alignments, and more. Join us to learn how to employ these two innovations into your curriculum.

Workshop Presenters: Ann Marie Quirion Hutton and Virginia Brackett

Ann Marie is an educator, computer coordinator, artist and all around Mac guru. She has been teaching middle school for around two decades and still has lots of fun helping people learn new and interesting things. Ginny is the Gifted and Talented Educator at Winslow Junior High School. She has spent the past three years working on the ITEST  NSF grant to create EBME. She sees technology as a key to helping students become excited and engaged in their learning and  to expanding their horizons.  

Recording of workshop:


One Response to Workshop 07

  1. Walter Allan says:

    Ginny Brackett has been a great member of our EcoScienceWorks ITEST grant team. She and her colleagues (23 other Maine middle school science teachers) were instrumental in shaping the Maine Explorer software and EcoScienceWorks’ Lesson plans (available in NoteShare). Jeri Erickson, the Project Director, and I will listen in on May 5th.

    Best Regards,
    Walt Allan
    Principle Investigator
    ScienceWorks for ME

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